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Miss Salvador wore a golden bitcoin outfit to a beauty pageant

Miss Salvador wore a golden bitcoin outfit to a beauty pageant

Jan 13 (Reuters) – El Salvador’s Miss Universe contestant took the stage this week wearing a gold bitcoin-inspired bodysuit in a brilliant tribute to her country, which was the first in the world to adopt cryptocurrency as legal tender two years ago.

Alejandra Guajardo, a beauty queen from El Salvador who will be attending the 71st annual event of the world pageant in New Orleans, shared photos and videos of herself in a suit completed with gold stilettos late Wednesday night.

In a caption to her post, Guajardo praised her homeland as “a country with a true vision for positive change in the future,” while pointing to the government’s widely criticized decision to adopt bitcoin as legal currency in 2021 alongside the US dollar.

The outfit, designed by Salvadoran Francisco Guerrero for the “national costume” stage of the competition, includes a staff topped with a golden bitcoin and a huge colon coin tied to her back, surrounded by cocoa beans.

The colon was the local currency for about a century ending in 2021 when the US dollar was adopted; in ancient times, cocoa was used as money in Mesoamerica.

Guajardo showed off some eye-catching fashion during the pre-session before the official start of the contest this Saturday.

On Thursday, Guajardo’s suit caught the attention of the online bitcoin community, with many pledging their support and cheering for her victory.

To stand a chance in the contest, it must do better than the recent bitcoin performance.

Last year, the value of bitcoin fell by more than 60%, even as Salvadoran President Nayib Bukele continued to tout “fall” buying to increase the state’s reserves of bituin.

Bukele has made no secret of his ambition to turn the Central American nation into a crypto hub with a bitcoin “city”, though acceptance of the coin has faltered since it was introduced as the official currency.

Reporting by Isabelle Woodford; Edited by David Alier Garcia and David Gregorio

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