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Vestmark Advisory Solutions Inc. acquires 1,205 shares of Equifax Inc. (NYSE:EFX)

Vestmark Advisory Solutions Inc.  acquires 1,205 shares of Equifax Inc.  (NYSE:EFX)

In the most recent documentation filed by Vestmark Advisory Solutions Inc. to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), it is indicated that during the third quarter the company increased its assets in Equifax Inc. (NYSE:EFX) by 4.3%. The fund currently owns shares in a lending services company. During the last quarter, the fund increased the number of shares in its portfolio by 1205 shares. In a recent report to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), Vestmark Advisory Solutions Inc. stated that the value of its assets in Equifax is $4,969,000.

In recent months, several major investors have made adjustments to the total number of stocks currently in their investment portfolios. During the first three months of 2018, Vanguard Group Inc. increased Equifax’s shareholding by 1.2%, bringing its total ownership to 100%. Following the acquisition of 155,572 additional shares in a credit provider during the most recent fiscal quarter, Vanguard Group Inc. now owns 13,036,468 shares of the company. The value of these shares on the market at the moment is $3,090,947,000. The Massachusetts Financial Services Company, MA, increased Equifax’s shareholding by 6.2% in the second quarter of the financial year. The credit provider’s share price is $2,293,245,000 and Massachusetts Financial Services Co., MA now owns a total of 12,546,483 shares after purchasing an additional 737,642 shares during the last quarter. In the second quarter, LLC FMR increased its stake in Equifax by 14.2% by acquiring additional shares in the company. After additional purchases totaling 579,519 shares during the company’s most recent fiscal year quarter, FMR LLC now owns a total of 4,650,733 shares, giving it a market capitalization of $850,060,000. Q2 Price T. Rowe Associates Inc. (MD) increased its total Equifax shares by 29.6% from the previous period. After purchasing 949,408 additional shares during the most recent fiscal quarter, Price T. Rowe Associates Inc. (MD) now owns a total of 4,160,261 shares in the credit provider for a total value of $760,413,000. In the second quarter, Kayne Anderson Rudnick Investment Management LLC increased its stake in Equifax by 0.6%. This is where the news ends, but this is not the most important part. After acquiring 13,532 additional shares during the last quarter, Kayne Anderson Rudnick Investment Management LLC now owns 2,408,679 shares in the credit provider. The current market value of Kayne Anderson Rudnick Investment Management LLC shares in the company is $440,258,000. The institutions own the capital of the company in the amount of 93.84%.

Despite a $0.84 drop in trading volume on Thursday, the EFX share price reached a new all-time high of $216.78, a new all-time high. The company’s total number of shares changed hands was 27,316, well below the average daily volume of 710,825 shares. The moving average price of the stock for the last 200 trading days was $191.18 and for the last 50 trading days it was $199.58. The company has a price-to-earnings ratio of 37.78 and a beta of 1.42. The company’s total value as measured by its market capitalization is $26.54 billion. There is a ratio of 1.28 for debt to equity, a ratio of 0.64 for current assets to current liabilities, and a ratio of 0.64 for fast assets to equity. number of current liabilities. Over the past year of trading, the share price of Equifax Inc. fell from $145.98 to $245.27.

On Wednesday, October 19, Equifax (NYSE:EFX) released its latest quarterly report. This report covers the company’s activities over the past three months. The lending services company reported earnings per share (EPS) of $1.73 for the quarter, $0.09 above analysts’ average expectation of $1.64. The company’s revenue for the quarter was also $1.73 billion. The company’s revenue for the quarter was $1.24 billion, well above financial analysts’ median forecast of $1.21 billion. Equifax’s net margin was 13.72% and the company’s return on equity was 25.88%. The latest quarterly report shows revenue up 1.7% year on year. For the same period a year earlier, the company’s earnings per share were $1.85. Market watchers predict that Equifax Inc. will earn $7.53 per share in the current fiscal year.

In addition, the company declared quarterly dividends, and on December 15, these dividends were paid to shareholders. On Wednesday, November 23, dividends of $0.39 per share were paid to shareholders registered with the company as of the previous reporting date. These dividends have been distributed. This means a dividend payout of $1.56 per year and a dividend yield of 0.72%. These figures can be found in the table below. November 22, Tuesday, dividends were paid to shareholders. This event has happened. Equifax currently has a payout ratio of 27.08%.

In related news, director Melissa D. Smith acquired shares in 672 on October 21, as reported in Friday’s news. The purchase price of all shares was $99,919.68 in total, with an average price per share of $148.69. The director is currently the direct owner of 3,474 shares of the company, with a total value of $516,549.06 upon completion of the transaction. The Securities and Exchange Commission was provided with the legal documentation of the transaction, which can be viewed in full by clicking on the link provided in the previous sentence. Documentation has been provided to the SEC. According to related news, on Wednesday, October 26, the company’s chief executive officer, Mark W. Begor, sold 11,000 shares of the company. The sale of shares resulted in a total income of $1,820,000.00, with an average purchase price per share of $165.51. With the completion of the transaction, the CEO now directly owns 92,918 shares of the company. Based on the current share price, these 92,918 shares have a value of approximately $15,378,858.18. If you follow a link that takes you to a legal file filed with the SEC, you will be able to get more information about the deal. On Friday, October 21, Melissa D. Smith, a director of the company, purchased an additional 672 shares. The deal took place on the same day. The total amount paid for the shares was $99,919.68, which corresponds to an average price of $148.69 per share purchased. Following the completion of the transaction, the director now owns a total of 3,474 shares of the company, with an estimated value of $516,549.06 at present. You should look in this place if you are looking for disclosure related to this transaction. In the past three months, company insiders have sold 31,100 shares of the company, bringing the group’s total profit to $5,146,968. Company insiders own 1.57 percent of the company’s shares.

Many different brokers participated in the EFX reports. In a research note released on Thursday, October 20, Royal Bank of Canada lowered Equifax’s price target from $195 to $158 and downgraded the company’s rating from “outstanding” to “sector efficient.” In a research report published on Tuesday, November 15 by Atlantic Securities, the company rated Equifax shares as “overweight”. In connection with this rating, the firm has set a price target for the company of $230.00. Wells Fargo & Company raised its Equifax price target from $165 to $210 in a research report released on Friday, January 13th. The report was published online. The “equal weight” rating was another assessment of the firm’s company. Morgan Stanley gave Equifax an “equal weight” rating, which led the investment bank to raise its price target for the company from $192.00 to $197.00 when it released its research report on Jan. 4. This was in response to the firm’s decision to assign this rating to Equifax. Barclays increased its price target for Equifax from $225 to $230 and classified the company as “overweight” in a research note released Friday, Dec. 2. This was the last step, but certainly no less important. Market analysts and stock market specialists gave eight buy recommendations, seven hold recommendations, and two sell recommendations. The information was obtained from Bloomberg.com, which states that the stock is currently a Hold with a target price of $206.13 per share.

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