Announcement of dividend payment AAPL $ 0.0304 / share 12/09/2021

Waterloo Brewing Ltd (OTCBB: BIBLF) on 12/09/2021 announced a dividend of $ 0.0304 per share payable on 28 January 2022 to registered shareholders as of 14 January 2022. Registered dividend amount increased by $ 0.0028 over the prior period. Dividends paid.

Waterloo Brewing Ltd (OTCBB: BIBLF) has been paying dividends since 2016, has a current dividend yield of 0.0000000000% and has been increasing its dividend for 4 consecutive years.

Waterloo Brewing Ltd has a market cap of $ 130,911,450 and a PE ratio of 0.00. The share price closed yesterday at $ 4.65 and the 52-week low / high was $ 1.50 and $ 7.50.

Waterloo Brewing manufactures, markets, markets and distributes premium packaged and draft beers under the Waterloo brand, as well as premium beers under the Red Baron, Red Cap, Formosa and Laker brands. Co. also manufactures, markets, markets and distributes a variety of beer products under the licensed President’s Choice® (“PC®”) brand name. Co. also manufactures bottled Mott’s Caesar under contract with Canada Dry Mott’s, Inc.

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Current dividend information of Waterloo Brewing Ltd as of the date of this press release:

Date of dividend announcement: 09 December 2021
Date of dividend payment: January 13, 2022
Date of dividend setting: January 14, 2022
Date of dividend payment: January 28, 2022
Dividend amount: USD 0.0304.

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