Is Pan American Silver’s (TSE: PAAS) profit worth your attention?

It may seem like a good idea (and exciting prospect) for newbies to buy a company that tells investors a good story, even if it has no track record of income and profits at all. Unfortunately, high-risk investments often have little chance of ever paying off, and many investors pay the price to learn their lesson.

If, on the other hand, you like companies that have income and even make a profit, then you may well be interested in Pan American Silver (TSE: PAAS). While profit is not necessarily a public good, it is easy to admire a business that can consistently generate it. While a well-funded company can suffer losses for many years, if its owners don’t have an endless appetite for client subsidies, it will ultimately need to make a profit or, otherwise, take its last breath.

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Pan American Silver’s earnings per share are rising.

If a company can sustain earnings per share growth long enough, its share price will eventually follow. This makes EPS growth an attractive quality for any company. Pan American Silver managed to increase earnings per share by 13% per year over three years. These are good growth rates if they can be sustained.

I like to look at earnings before interest and (EBIT) tax margins, as well as revenue growth, to get another idea of ​​the quality of the company’s growth. The good news is that Pan American Silver’s revenue is growing and its EBIT margin is up 15.8 percentage points to 25% year over year. Nice to see on both counts.

The chart below shows how the company’s earnings and profits have changed over time. To see the real numbers, click the chart.

income and income history
TSX: PAAS Revenue and Earnings History, October 2, 2021

Fortunately, we have access to the forecasts of analysts at Pan American Silver’s. future profit. You can make your own predictions without looking, or you can take a look at what the pros are predicting.

Are Pan American Silver insiders in agreement with all shareholders?

Like that fresh smell in the air when it rains, buying insiders fills me with optimistic expectation. This opinion is based on the possibility that buying the stock signals bullish sentiment on the buyer’s side. Small purchases, however, are not always indicative of conviction, and insiders don’t always get it right.

Pan American Silver’s senior management is definitely in sync as no shares have been sold in the past year. More importantly, Matthew Andrews paid $ 142,000 to buy the shares at an average price of $ 32.24.

Along with insider buying, another encouraging sign for Pan American Silver is that insiders, as a group, have a sizable stake. To be precise, they have $ 19 million worth of shares. It’s a lot of money and a lot of incentive to work hard. Even though this is only about 0.3% of the company, this is enough to indicate unity between business leaders and ordinary shareholders.

Should you watch out for Pan American Silver?

As I mentioned, Pan American Silver is a growing business and I love it. Better yet, insiders are large shareholders and are buying more shares. In my opinion, all of this makes him worthy of a place on your watchlist, as well as further research. Don’t forget that there may still be risks. For example, we have defined 1 warning sign for Pan American Silver what you should know.

There are many other companies that have insiders buying up shares. So if you like the sound of Pan American Silver, you will probably like this one. is free a list of growing companies that insiders are buying.

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