New GM hired for Covent Garden market

Exeter, Ontario. –

18 years later, Covent Garden market in central London, Ontario. there will be a new CEO.

According to the report, Sam Latella agreed to the position and was selected from a variety of eligible candidates after a “thorough public search.”

Sam has 19 years of leadership and retail experience in the grocery industry in the Covent Garden market, most recently as a store manager at Metro Cherryhill.

“I would like to thank Bob Asher again for the 18 years of dedicated leadership he has brought to the market,” said advisor Steve Hillier, chairman of the Covent Garden Market board. “Everyone in the Covent Garden market is saddened by Bob’s departure. As Bob will be helping Sam in the coming weeks, I sincerely hope you can take a moment to thank him for everything he has done for us. ”

The first day at Latella is October 4th.

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