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Sure Tuesday Actions of, Inc., (NASDAQ: AMZN) generated a change of 0.70% and closed at $ 2011.60

The growth in EPS is an important figure because it suggests the performance of a company. It is usually exposed as a percentage and is then called the E-P-S growth rate. The growth of EPS is an essential measure of administrative performance because it shows how much money the company earns for its investors or its stakeholders, quite simply not the variations in profits but also the consequences of the issuance of new shares (this is particularly important when growth occurs as a result of the acquisition)., Inc., NASDAQ: AMZN):, Inc., belongs to the Services sector and Catalog and mail order houses industry. The market capitalization of the company is 1007.83B with the total outstanding shares of “Outstanding”. AMZN the stock has built up a variation of 0.70 in its total stock price and finished trading in 2011.60., Inc. institutional ownership is 57.50% while insider ownership is 11.20%. From now on, AMZN has P / S, P / E and P / B values ​​of 3.59, 87.39 and 16.08 respectively. His P / Cash is valued at 18.32.

The stock has observed its SMA50, which is now 3.06%. Looking at the SMA 200, we see that the stock has seen an 8.40%.

Profitability ratios:

By examining the profitability ratios of AMZN shares, an investor will find his ROE, ROA, ROI respectively at 21.10%, 5.80% and 11.70%.

Earnings per share Details from, Inc .:

The E-P-S of AMZN walks at 23.02, counting growth in earnings per share this year at 15.90%. As a result, the company has earnings growth per share of 40.48% for next year.

Given the importance of recognizing companies that will guarantee high value per share, we later obsessed with judging how to recognize companies that will achieve high profit standards. A great spectacle to recognize the number of combined high annual net indices of all the companies, that is to say the companies which have demonstrated such an accumulation beyond p.s. 5 to 10 years.

We can not have too much stability once will always reflect the difficulty, but practically the United States Stock Exchange, which sharply increased earnings by allocation in the following, is an excellent result made a continuous effect is a finding of continuous struggle .

The analysts ‘average target price (TP) for the company is 2409.78, while the analysts’ average suggestion is 1.70.

A beta factor (B) is used to measure the security’s volatility. The stock remained volatile at 2.43% for the week and 4.42% for the month.

Historical performance of AMZN in the media:

Take a look at the performance of, Inc. stock, a shareholder knows that the weekly performance of this stock is evaluated at 3.17%, resulting in a performance of the month at 11.72%.

Consequently, the figure shown shows a four-month performance of 5.49%, which brings the result of work at 6 months to 16.10% and the YTD performance of 8.86%. From now on,, Inc. has P / S, P / E and P / B values ​​of 3.59 and 16.08 respectively. His P / Cash is valued at 18.32.

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